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Chosen Immortals: Rebirth

Photo Credit: Chosen Immortals Rebirth Productions

From the Chosen Immortals: Rebirth Facebook page:

"Operating covertly among the humans, the Chosen Immortals fulfill the promise made centuries ago to protect mankind from evil and from darkness. The trial of time brings about many changes in an Immortal as they watch life pass before their eyes. Who they once were cannot remain, and the past does not define who they will become. They are forged by the fight and by the bitter hardening of the heart and soul, as love and lifetimes fade before them, like the last rays of the sunset at twilight.

The darkness has many names, and the Chosen defend against them all. There are many supernatural entities, abilities, and powers within the grasp of both sides in the relentless, timeless battle. But, what if the lust for power is stronger than the desire for love?"

Tom Myers in a scene where "Evil watches with a smile... Creepy..." Photo Credit: Chosen Immortals Rebirth Productions

Starring Erik Nelson, Lacy Carmany, Katie Frederick, Corey Thomas, Mindy Rose, Wesley Ray, Suzanne Huffman, Samantha Paine and Tom Myers.

Written by Lacy Carmany

Directed by Lacy Gilbert Carmany and Tom Kennerly

Distributed by Chosen Immortals Rebirth Productions

Premiere: TBD, 2012

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