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Capital Comedy Connection

Credit: Montgomery Community TV

Tom with Capital Comedy Connection host Ernest Stanley - June 2012. Photo Credit: Montgomery Community TV

July 2011. Photo Credit: Montgomery Community TV

Tom performed on Capital Comedy Connection, a television program that features comedic talent of the Maryland/DC region. The program airs on Montgomery Community TV, a public access station based in Rockville, Maryland.

With his seventh taping, Tom made a record number of performances on the show by any comedian who ever performed.

Tom's Appearances

"Episode 20" aired September 16, 2011

"Episode 23" aired October 14, 2011

"Episode 32" aired May 4, 2012

"Episode 35" aired July 6, 2012

"Episode 45" aired December 7, 2012

"Episode 52" aired August 16, 2013

"Episode 60" was originally set to air in the Spring of 2014. The audio (with photos) of the performance is here.

To see Tom on this show, go to the Videos page.

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